Darren and Amie Taber are the people of LittleWood horses. Along with our young children; Martin and Moira, and Megan, we try to live, love, and trust in God.

LittleWood Horses is proud to be involved with Morgan horses. For versatility and dependability, they just can't be beat! We got started with Morgans in 1997, after Darren's horse was killed in a hunting wreck. We purchased Hayli from Don Pruett, and promptly bred her that spring as she was obnoxious when in heat. That first colt was Jasper (Littlewood River Fox). Two years later we had the opportunity to purchase Comette, a full sister to Jasper. We had also bred Hayli again, this time to Primavera Bravado, resulting in the stunning Littlewood Rio Bravado. We currently have a herd of around 20. Breeding animals, youngsters coming up, and our personal horses. We use our horse for work on the farm/ranch. We compete at Ranch Horse Versatility, trail and reining. We started a carriage for hire business. We ride for the shear joy of being with our horses and the people we love. Darren and Amie both had horses long before they had each other and for the demands  of their lifestyle, the morgan is a perfect fit. Every morgan website you visit will tell you how wonderful, calm and intelligent their horses are. That's not smoke or a bit of marketing. The morgan horse as a breed is simply the very best of all that is equine. There are other breeds that may be more suitable for a particular kind of work, there are individual horses that are very versatile, but if you are looking for a horse that can do anything (and do it with style) you have to ride a morgan!

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